Lowongan Kerja Terbaru BUMN PT KAI Februari 2014

LOKER MANTAP - Lowongan Kerja Terbaru BUMN PT KAI Februari 2014. February 2014, PT KAI is currently providing the opportunity for young professionalism to join and cooperate. Consider further below.

About PT Kereta Api Indonesia (PT KAI) / Company Overview
The presence of railways in Indonesia is marked by the ground-breaking for the construction of railway lines in the village Kemijen, dated Friday, June 17, 1864 by the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies, Mr.. L.A.J Sloet Baron van den Beele. Development was initiated by Naamlooze Venootschap Spoorweg Nederlandsch Indische Maatschappij (NV. NISM) led by Ir. JP de Bordes of Kemijen responsibility towards the village (26 Km) with a width of 1435 mm gauge. This stretch was opened for public transport on Saturday, August 10, 1867.

The success of private, NV. NISM build railway between Kemijen - Responsibility, which later on February 10, 1870 to connect the city of Semarang - Surakarta (110 Km), eventually encouraging investors to build railway lines in other areas. Not surprisingly, that growth long railway between 1864 - 1900 had grown with leaps and bounds. In 1867, only 25 Km, 1870 to 110 Km, 405 Km reach 1880, 1890 and be 1,427 km in 1900 to 3,338 Km.

In addition to Java, the construction of roads were also built in Aceh (1874), North Sumatra (1886), West Sumatra (1891), South Sumatra (1914), even in Sulawasi 1922 has also been built along the 47 km railway between Napier-Takalar , the operation was conducted on July 1, 1923, the remaining Ujung Pandang - Maros have not been resolved. While in Borneo, although it has not had time to be built, railway studies Pontianak - Sambas (220 km) has been completed. Similarly, on the island of Bali and Lombok, ever done a study to build railway lines.

Up until 1939, long railway in Indonesia reached 6,811 Km. However, in 1950 it was reduced to 5,910 km, approximately 901 Km Iebih lost, presumably because during the Japanese occupation dismantled and transported to Burma to build railway lines there.

Type Indonesian railway lines originally distinguished by wide gauge 1067 mm, 750 mm (in Aceh) and 600 mm in several branches across the city and tram. Railway was dismantled during the Japanese occupation (1942 - 1943) along 473 km, while the railway lines built during the Japanese occupation is 83 miles between Bayah - Cikara and 220 Km between Muaro - Pekanbaru. Ironically, with modest technology, railway Muaro - Pekanbaru finished construction programmed for 15 months which employs 27,500 people, 25,000 of them are Romusha. The road that crosses the marshes, hills, and swift river currents, many claimed that his grave strewn along Muaro-Pekanbaru.

After Indonesian independence-right diproklamir on August 17, 1945, railway employees who are members of the Force Moeda Railways (AMKA)'s authority to take over from Japan's railways. The historic event occurred on September 28, 1945. Reading of statement by Ismail and other AMKA members, asserted that began on 28 September 1945 the railway authority was in the hands of the Indonesian nation. Japanese people are not allowed to intervene again perkeretaapi's affairs in Indonesia. This is what underlies the enactment of 28 September 1945 as Train Day in Indonesia, as well as the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia Railway Djawatan (DKARI).

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru BUMN PT KAI Februari 2014
Logo PT Kereta Api Indnesia

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru BUMN PT KAI Februari 2014

The position offered by PT KAI, as follows:

Staf Corporate Communication
- Identify, develop and implement a communication strategy on its core media both internally and externally.
- Representing management in delivering press releases, media relations content, corporate newsletter content, social media content, and the company's proposal to stakeholders.
- Creating marketing materials and promotion company
- Setting up and managing communications materials and other information related to public relations
- External relationships with public relations consultants, and press print and in electronic media
- Designing and launching email marketing campaigns
- Propose and manage event related to the financing of public relations
- Promote products and services through public relations initiatives
- Researching industry trends supporting media and media

    • - Minimum S1 (Broadcasting / Public Relations), the Home Department has Accreditation 'A'
    • - GPA of at least 2.95
    • - Maximum age 30 years
    • - Preferred experience in the field of public and media relations at least 3 years
    • - Strong communication and presentation
    • - Active mastering the English language (oral-written)
    • - Mastering Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw
    • - Mastering social media applications

    Staf Collection
    • - Monitoring and control of accounts receivable to achieve business targets.
    • - Perform accounts receivable management and customer billing for business purposes.
    • - Coordinate with the relevant division of accounts receivable management and customer payment track record.

    • - Minimum S1 (Accounting / Management / Economics), the Home Department has Accreditation 'A'
    • - Minimum GPA of 2.95
    • - Maximum age 27 years
    • - Experienced in the field of accounting / finance minimum 3 years
    • - Preferably with experience in the field of collection

    Staf Administrasi
    • - Carry out administration and verification of documents at a cost that has been incurred by operations.
    • - Prepare a report on the results of verification of documents on the cost to the employer.
    • - Carry out administrative activities related correspondence

    • - Minimal D3 (all majors), the Home Department has Accreditation 'A'
    • - GPA of at least 2.95
    • - Female
    • - Maximum age 30 years
    • - Fresh graduate are welcome to apply
    • - Preferably with experience in the field of business administration
    • - Have good communication skills
    • - Look attractive
    • - Responsible for the job

    Supervisor Marketing Container
    • - Conduct daily coordination with the Area Manager, Cutomer Service, Trucking Planner for the - smooth operation of railway services Container
    • - Doing telemarketing with actual and or potential customers
    • - Build relationships with customers and the actual or potential

    • - Minimal S1 (all majors), the Home Department has Accreditation 'A'
    • - GPA of at least 2.95
    • - Male
    • - Maximum age 35 years
    • - Experience as a marketing forwarding at least 2 years
    • - Reliable in managing sales targets
    • - Reliable in developing relationships with customers
    • - Willing to be placed in the area Kalimas, Surabaya

    Manager Infrastruktur
    • - Doing Survey, Structure Calculations, RAB, & Design
    • - To supervise / control projects on time, quality, and cost
    • - Coordinate with consultants and contractors with both the principle of Good Corporate Government

    • - Minimum Education S1/S2 (Civil Engineering), origin Accreditation Department has 'A'
    • - GPA of at least 2.95
    • - Maximum age 40 years
    • - Experienced as structural consultant at least 3 years
    • - Experience as a project manager at least 5 years
    • - Mastering Project Management, Steel & Concrete Structure Calculation and Calculation of Road Pavement
    • - Mastering AutoCAD and Microsoft Project
    • - SAP know 2000/ETABS/STAADPro

    Legal Manager
    • - Function as legal counsel (legal advisor), both orally and in writing, both non-litigation and litigation.
    • - Function as a legal assistant (legal assistant), both orally and in writing, both non-litigation and litigation.
    • - Function as representative / power in the field of law (legal representative), both orally and in writing, both non-litigation and litigation.

    • - Minimal S1 (Law), the Home Department has Accreditation 'A'
    • - GPA of at least 2.95
    • - Maximum age 40 years
    • - Have the ability of legal drafting
    • - Experience as a legal officer at least 5 years
    • - More particularly if it has Advocate Identification Card (KTPA)

    Submit your resume via email or mail to:

    PT Kereta Api Logistik
    Stasiun Gondangdia Lantai Dasar
    Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim No.11A
    Menteng - Jakarta 10340
    Email: recruitment@kalogistics.co.id

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